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We don’t know if you’ve come across Technorati, but if you haven’t it might be a really useful tool for your online toolbox.

How can Technorati help your business?

If you run your own business or have your own consultancy then it can be difficult to stay on top of current opinions and ideas. It can feel a bit isolating. You probably don’t have a designated strategy department or an office devoted to global politics and current affairs. The day-to-day practicalites of your business mean it’s hard to stay au fait with developments in your industry or sector. One great way to make sure you’re ahead of the curve is to utilize digital media like blogs to stay abreast of current events and trends in your industry. Technorati is one tool which can real aid you in this process. You can use it as a specialist search engine. You can use it as a source of information or to find experts on a given subject. You can use it to backcheck the reliability of your information against the consensus.


In what ways can you use Technorati?

1. Search engineTechnorati (1)

Technorati is a dedicated search engine for blogs. It works by searching and filtering the tags that authors place on their posts and articles and producing the most relevent results for your query. The results are ordered by how recent they are, so you get the most up to date and most pertinant results. With Technorati you can find the most recent, relevant posts for your industry.



2. Information SourceSearch for  consultant    Technorati

Perhaps you’re looking for information or analysis on a particular topic. Perhaps you
want to find the latest views of opinion leaders on a hot topic in your industry. Technorati can be great way of taking you staight to the source of original ideas and information.


3. Reliability

Checking the reliability of your information can be absolutely vital. There are few things more damaging than a dodgy set of figures. Search for  statistics    Technorati (1)Nothing ruins your credibility like a dubious source. Blogs are one of the to five most trusted sources on the web. An astute use of sourcing of blogs with Technorati can be a great way to bolster your research.


4. Find experts on your subjectSearch for  experts    Technorati

You can use Technorati to source and access experts on the topic you’re looking for. You can even find people to contact yourself should you need to clarify something, find out more ,or take the discussion on to the next level.


Let us know what tools you use to source ideas and information, we’d like to hear your comments. 

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