Format Types

Release of “3 Types of Publication Formats” for Best Practices shared on Eloquens

Eloquens is proud to announce on this day the release of a new functionality for its expert authors.

Authors can now publish three different types of Best Practices on the platform:

1/ Downloadable Tools (Excel Models, Powerpoint Presentations, Word Documents, Excel Add-Ins etc.)

2/How-To Methodologies (Step by Step Text with Illustrations and Videos)

3/ PDF Readings (PDF Files)

Here are some of the best examples you can check out:

Talking To Humans  How to Raise Capital: A Guide To FundraisingAll In One Private Equity Model

If you have any Best Practices that could fit into either of these three formats then feel free to go ahead and create your own author profile. Start publishing a Best Practice that could be useful for others today!