Your Career is a Treasure Chest of your Best Practices 💎

Today, our career paths appear bleak. According to CIPD, even on attaining one of the highest levels of education, a degree, only 52% of graduates will obtain a graduate job, whilst those in low-level professions, such as, Cashiers, Ticket attendants, Lorry Drivers, face their roles elimination due to the growing presence of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

As a result of our advancing, globalised, high-tech working environment, combined with our clashing Human Superiority Complex, (the feeling of “self-importance”), traditional careers are left to feel hopeless and we are left questioning their prominence.

This mixture of emotions leaves us dissatisfied, unmotivated and susceptible to burnout, all of which provoke a decline in employees job performance. This is particularly of note, given that currently only 30% of employees feel “engaged and inspired at work, whilst the rest state that their job is “just a job to get them by”.

However, to fight against this negative, individualistic ideology we must recognise that, whether it be of continuity, of change or of immediate value, every individuals’ work contributes positively to our society.

Throughout our careers, the outstanding methods, how-to tools, step-by-step guides and templates that we either create, develop or even just use, have great potential. In most cases, once we have successfully implemented them, we neglect them as we fail to recognise that their value is beyond just the here and now.

Conversely, to those who reflect on these methods and appreciate their long-term worth, they subsequently become known as a Best Practice💎. To put it briefly, Best Practices are widely accepted to optimize task completion, facilitating “excellence in core competencies”. Without acknowledgement, Best Practice💎 is in action everywhere.

A relatable, yet simple example of Best Practice 💎 is in the Educational Sector. Here, Best Practice💎 is a combination of the way in which educators teach but also in a students’ approach to their learning process. For instance, in it is hard to deny that for generations this has frequently consisted of using pre-made flashcards, quizzes and mind maps, whilst we harness conversational debate to learn.

This sector also demonstrates the development of Best Practice 💎 overtime as more and more teachers and students have transferred their techniques from paper tools to online resources. For example, now Flash Cards are made on Quizlet, Debate takes place in The Student Room and Quizzes are carried out using applications such as Gojimo or Kahoot!

Quickly to demonstrate how Best Practice💎 is transferable to any sector. Here are three more short examples:

  • Environmental Sector – Water Management – Habitually a retention pond is emplaced to limit pollution from urban run-off.
  • Heath Sector – Vaccinations – In the UK having your annual Flu jab will prevent 30,000 GP appointments, 2,000 people needing hospital care and 700 deaths per year.
  • Across the Business Sector – Impacts are linked to reduced cost and error, at the same time as triggering increased efficiency and innovation. For instance, according to McKinsey & Co:

Therefore, with regards to our careers, it is necessary to change our perspective. In fact, whether we notice it or not, everything we create is of importance. Our work acts as a guide to help the next person to fill our shoes, or even raise the bar.

Consequently, being motivated behind the idea of Best Practice💎 does not only revive the importance we feel towards of our careers’, but it will also lead to the fastest, most probable path to success. Hence, the importance of Best Practice💎 is essential to our daily outlook as it augments the sectors success and our societies progression in that field.

To facilitate this, collaboration is key. In using readily available publishing platforms such as, access certified premium professional Best Practice or even upload & share your Best Practice today! In this way each professional can build up their online Treasure Chest, open to all, creating value on both sides of the table for eternity. 🔗 ⌛ 🔐


Olivia Green

Business Developer
& Marketing Manager

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