Inspirational blogs -- Consulting Success michael zipursky sam zipursky freshgigs

Inspirational blogs — Consulting Success

There are very few business blogs which can claim to be as widely read as Consulting Success. Created by the ‘Zipursky Cousins’ — Michael and Sam — this blog has been one of the most popular consulting-focussed blogs, and with good reason. Here’s why we think it’s really worth a read.

Michael and Sam have matchless experience of communicating the issues, challenges and joys of consulting and running your own business, and they share their experiences and tips through their blog whch is really notable for its pithy insights.

Between them the Zipursky cousins have a bewildering mass of experience in different corporate arenas and in many different countries all over the world.


Who are they?

Inspirational blogs -- Consulting Success michael zipursky sam zipursky freshgigs

Michael Zipursky has consulted for and advised businesses throughout North America and Asia in over 23 industries, from service providers and financial publishers to billion dollar technology manufacturers. He is also the founder of Relagy Marketing, a lead-generation and marketing company. Michael has been a contributor to the Financial Times, FOX Business, Maclean’s, HR Executive, Business Edge Newspaper, Talent Zoo and in several other media and publications. He is the author of 5 books.’


Sam Zipursky – Sam has over 11 years of consulting and business experience with a variety of companies around the world. He spends most of his time focusing on the connection between internet, branding, design and marketing. In 2001, together with Mike, Sam co-founded the international brand design and consulting firm Kankei Culture.’


Recent post examples

 How to Get Paid on TimeInspirational blogs -- Consulting Success Get Paid First

In this post Michael Zipursky writes about how to make sure you get paid on time. A problem he describes as a ‘classic consulting sin’, this is a really important issue –as you consultants will recognise– because cash flow is vitally important in a mission-based business.


Taking Time Off Is a Business PriorityInspirational blogs -- Consulting Success Taking Time Off

The most successful consultants know that to take time off is good not
just for themselves and their families, but also for their businesses. Some of your best ideas will come when reading on a beach or chatting with friends.




Do Consultants Really Need to Specialize?Inspirational blogs -- Consulting Success Choosing to Specialize

In this post, Michael talks about the importance of specialising as a consultant. Not just so that you have a more focussed area of expertise, but also because in order to market yourself to your ideal, prospective clients it will be vital that you can be clear about who you and and what it is you can ffer them.



We hope this quick overview of Consulting Success has been useful for you.  Check out their blog!

You may also want have a look at their Twitter feed to see more bite-size pieces of what they’re saying.


Do let us know if there are other consulting and business bloggers you’d like us to review.

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