Fair share – Am I really the best?

The fair share is the market share a given actor or product should/could claim on a market. Read more

Linear regression

Linear regression, also called ‘Line of best fit’, is a statistical tool that models the relationship between several variables. The linear regression creates a median line that passes as close as possible to the average of all the points. Read more

Swot Analysis

Concept utility.

SWOT analysis is a framework tool to help you assess your firms strategic options to achieve your desired goals and objectives. Read more

McKinsey launches its Insights App

McKinsey has launched today its new app dedicated to its latest perspectives from the McKinsey Global Institute, and McKinsey Quarterly. Read more

Eloquens - BCG-growth-share-matrix-analysis

The BCG’s Growth Share Matrix

Concept utility.

The purpose of the Growth Share Matrix is to help a company allocate resources to its different business units or product lines most effectively. Read more