Strategy: A History | Authors at Google | Sir Lawrence Freedman

Here is a fabulous Google Talks video with Sir Lawrence Freedman in which he discusses some of the most hard-hitting ideas from his book Strategy: A History. Google Talks describe this book as ‘sweeping and magisterial’ in their introduction to the talk, and we have to agree.

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S+B: The New Supercompetitors

The increased competition which has resulted from globalization has had a profound effect on nature of firms’ competitive advantage. This is reflected in the decreasing confidence of managers about their firms’ competitive advantages. A recent survey from S+B has  shown that over half of senior exectutives don’t believe that their company has a winning strategy. Read more

HBR: ‘We need better managers, not more technocrats’

We hear a lot about the whizz-kids starting up their disruptive technologies from their garage. There’s a good reason for this. Digital technologies seem to be changing almost every area of our lives and businesses, from the where and when and how we collaborate with our work colleagues to the way in which we source, collect and listen to our music. But equally important are the managers and leaders whose challenge it is to adopt and adapt to the innovative new technologies that spring up all about them. Without technologically adept and inspirational  leaders, businesses and society as a whole will fail to maximize the huge potential offered by digital technology. In order to do scale the technological heights, we have to think in terms of ‘digital transformation‘.

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