New Upload Process

Release of the “Staged Upload Process” for Authors

Eloquens is proud to announce on this day the release of the “Staged Upload Process” for its expert authors. This feature enables authors to have a more smooth and progressive experience when uploading their method or tool they would like to share.

For each type of tool format (downloadable tool, how-to methodology, PDF File), the author can now work on each section, one step at a time (upload of document, title, description, methodology, pricing, confirm).

Besides, a new section called “confirmautomatically analyses and checks your tool before sending it over to the Eloquens Author Team. This will help you make sure that you’ve included all that is needed for success.

This new upload process is also in place when an author wants to update his tool and share a new version out to his users (with the option to notify the users or not).

Feel free to try this new feature out and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below!