Mashup: How to speak in front of other people mashup2

Mashup: How to speak in front of other people

It can be nerve-wracking that feeling , knowing you have to stand up in front of a room full of people. Sometimes we can be quite literally lost for words. Here’s a handy mashup we’ve made  to help you prepare for this situation. It features content from Quora, Youtube, Pinterest and Slideshare, so you can access fantastic public speaking tips no matter which medium you find most captivating.

Quora Thread

This Quora thread is full of helpful hints about how to build your public speaking skills and confidence. It features tips from debating coaches and TEDx organizers so you can be sure you’re getting some great advice. We particularly like the fact that these tips come from those who have been there and back at the highest level.

4  Edmond Lau's answer to Public Speaking  What are great ways to perfect one's presentation skills  - Quora

Pinterest Board

This Pinterest board has lots of punchy advice on every aspect of public speaking, from body language to memorizing your speech. There is even a handy infographic on how your brain retains information and how to capitalize on this. These eye-catching pins have some invaluable pointers for how to keep your audience interested and engaged.


TED Talk

This is a really inspirational talk. Nancy Duarte, best-selling author and presentation expert lets you in on the secret of great speeches. She gives you an insider’s guide to the underlying architecture which lies underneath great speeches like ‘I have a dream’ and Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch. Perhaps the most important tip from this TEd talk is how to weave your presentation or speech into a story. It is this concept which adds that touch of humanity to your performance and allows you to really connect with your audience.


This slide deck has some really cogent advice on how to craft a truly memorable talk, how to chose a title, how to open your talk with a bang, and how to handle Q&As. This deck doesn’t waste any breath on extraneous details, it’s hard-hitting and with a little practice, should help your own performance to be just as effective.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this latest addition to our Mashup series. We found each of these sources really useful in our own lives so we hope you find  something in here that is just as powerful for you. As ever, don’t hesitate to get in touch with sugestions or to join the conversation through Twitter

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