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Unsure of which strategic direction to take as an Eloquens author? With our new strategy page, you can choose the best route to take when publishing your Best Practices.

With a rapidly expanding range of Best Practices, categories, and users on Eloquens.com, it can be difficult to decide where to publish.

That’s why the team here at Eloquens.com have created a new page called ‘Publishing Strategies’!

By analyzing the popularity and size of our existing categories, we have defined three main strategies that you, as an author, can adopt in order better understand and decide where to publish your valuable know-how.

The Place to Be

Do you want to be in and amongst the most established and popular categories on Eloquens.com? The Place to Be is the strategy for you.

Check out which categories fall under this strategy here

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Surf the Wave

Want to become part of the increasingly successful, growing categories that are on Eloquens.com? The Surf the Wave strategy is about contributing to categories that are small in size, yet are becoming more and more popular.

To learn more about this strategy, read this section here.

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Be the Pioneer

Want to create your own success and become a leading author in alternative categories? Use your expertise and know-how to publish Best Practices in categories that have huge future potential.

Interested in which categories fall under this strategy? Find them here.

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With the ever-increasing popularity of Eloquens.com, it can be helpful to choose an author strategy. We want to help make the sharing of know-how as efficient as possible and always look forward to seeing our authors succeed on our marketplace. Happy publishing!


John Finlay

Content Manager at Eloquens.com
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