Who are Eloquens Authors? – An Analysis

ELOQUENS JUST REACHED 200 PUBLISHED AUTHORS - WHO ARE THEY? Capture d’écran 2018 12 06 à 17.16.27

In an age of sharing, Eloquens facilitates the transfer and access of packaged information in the form of Best Practices. The goal of making know-how a common good is at the heart of our message. To do so, we have created a platform rich with methods, templates, models and videos for a plethora of sectors.

At Eloquens, we have built a network of authors who come together to share their work and know-how with our community of users. Authors with published material on Eloquens.com primarily derive from the United States, making up 47% of our author base. In terms of education level, the majority hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA), or equivalent, and specialize in financial Best Practices, whether that be Discounted Cash Flow models or Variance Analysis Best Practices, for example.

More recently, however, there has been an increase in authors coming from Europe, Australia & Asia in sharing their Best Practices and methods geared towards startups, consultingmarketing, HR & Leadership as well as Technology. For example, the startup sector represents 20% of the know-how on Eloquens.com and its growing pertinence mirrors that of global startup trends. Know-How is flowing in from everywhere and in all kind of sectors.

The Typical Author lives in the USA, holds an MBA and works in Finance or Startups.

ELOQUENS JUST REACHED 200 PUBLISHED AUTHORS - WHO ARE THEY? Capture d’écran 2018 12 06 à 10.25.20

With more and more categories being added to the site every month, we expect to see the growth of new sectors, such as Human Resources and Leadership, strengthening the array of Best Practices available on the site.

Eloquens.com hosts a fast growing community of over 200 published authors who, by sharing their knowledge, benefit in three main ways:

1/ Increase Visibility

Firstly, Eloquens.com offers a great opportunity to increase the visibility of the author. By sharing know-how in the form of Best Practices, authors build and strengthen their personal brand whilst exposing their work to a wider audience.

Connect & Identify with Your Audience

2/ Generate a Passive Revenue Stream

Secondly, by publishing content on Eloquens, authors are able to generate a passive revenue stream whilst also contributing to a more efficient way of sharing information. Pricing your Best Practices offers the opportunity to build both a brand and a business.

Monetize Your Financial Models

3/ Engage with your audience

Lastly, becoming an author on Eloquens offers not only monetary and brand value, but also the opportunity to become part of a wider community, engaging with an audience and receiving feedback.


Eloquens boasts the work of many expert authors who thrive on these benefits. Alexander Jarvis, for example, shares both free and priced material on subjects from fundraising to excel formatting, catering to a range of people and budgets.

Use Case 1: Alexander Jarvis – “Passive Revenue Stream”

Through Eloquens, Jarvis has showcased his Best Practices to over 10,000 users and counting, simultaneously generating a strong monthly passive revenue stream.

Use Case 2: Prof. Aswath Damodaran – “Finance for all”

Professor Aswath Damodaran, expert in corporate finance, underpins our mission of making know-how a common good. With all tools offered gratuitously, Damodaran has reached an audience of almost 50,000 users, contributing to the democratization of know-how.

Use Case 3: Stephen Goldberg – “helping leaders grow”

Stephen Goldberg, founder of Optimus Performance, is helping to expand the scope of sectors that Eloquens offers. With expertise in leadership and HR, Goldberg provides templates and videos, helping to coach and develop the skills of users.

With an eclectic and rapidly expanding mix of authors, users, and Best Practices, Eloquens.com welcomes you to join us in helping to make know-how a common good and increasing the efficiency of knowledge sharing.


John Finlay

Content Manager at Eloquens.com
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