Best reads to watch out for in 2015

It looks to be another great year for business books, a genre that seems to get even more inspirational with every passing year. Here are some of the books we’re looking forward to most in 2015

How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery

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Kevin Ashton is a technology pioneer at MIT and has led three successful startups. In this fascinating book (which has been 20 years in the making) he takes on a journey of exploration through the history of some of humanity’s greatest inventions, creations and discoveries. What’s so valuable about this book is how it helps you to get inside the minds of these pioneers, and potentially how to recreate the best practices which enabled their innovations.


The Reputation Economy: How to Optimize Your Digital Footprint in a World Where Your Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset

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Michael Fertik, entrepreneur and CEO of, shows us just how important reputation is, and how it affects almost every area of our lives: from who will hire you, and whether a landlord accepts you as a tenant, to how it affects your marriage prospects. This book will show you how to take practical steps to manage your online reputation and harness it for the good of your career.


Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!

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There is so much that is inspirational about Marissa Mayer’s rise to CEO of Yahoo!. In this great book, we are treated to the thrilling story of Marissa Mayer from her time at Stanford University, through her days as a star at Google, to becoming the first female CEO of Yahoo!. But more than this we are also given an insider’s –indeed the CEO’s view — of one of the world’s great companies. The lessons, both personal and corporate, from this book could be invaluable to any business-person.


The Self-made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value

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This book from Google’s highly-rated head of People Operations, Laszlo Bock, lays down a blueprint for how to attract and retain the sharpest talent and how to harness their brilliance for the good of your company. We can’t help but be curious about what scintillating advice the award-winning HR chief of one of the world’s most innovative companies will have in store for us.


Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

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This is a book which promises much.  It’s certainly bold –well, that’s its title!– and it promises to shows us how to think big. It promises the sort of thinking that can leverage exponential technologies to create enormous wealth whilst improving the lives of people all over the planet. But while the claims are big,  this offering from NYT bestselling authors Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler surely won’t disappoint.


We hope you enjoy reading some of these books — there are some really great insights available to those willing to put in the time. Let us know what other books you might be looking forward to this year. Why not get in touch with us through Twitter

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