Case Study – Eloquens Author Marcus Small

Founder of award-winning excel website, and excel trainer for CPA Australia, Marcus Small is an expert in financial modeling.

Many smart financial models and methods are used only a handful of times. However, there exists a high demand for these smart Best Practices for time saving and knowledge building purposes. By opening an author channel on Marcus Small is helping hundreds of finance professionals to prevent them from Reinventing the Wheel when it comes to building financial models.

On Eloquens, Marcus shares a number of models ranging from social media dashboards to introductory Excel VBA courses.

“Eloquens is a proven platform which is very simple to use. I upload my material, make expansive descriptions, then publish on the site, it could not be simpler. Eloquens takes care of everything and I highly recommend the site.”

There are a number of ways in which Marcus benefits by sharing his models on Eloquens, these include:

1/ Knowledge-sharing and efficiency gains within the financial modeling community
2/ Generation of passive income 
3/ The opportunity to gather feedback on his work and seek areas of self-improvement based off the work of other authors

Marcus also uses Eloquens Iframes to build a visually pleasing aesthetic on his website, driving high-quality traffic to his shared models on the platform.

If, like Marcus, you’d like to open an Eloquens Author Channel, simply go onto and click on publish a tool.

The step-by-step process is very simple; you will have your first financial model published and distributed on the marketplace in no time!

Looking forward to seeing you soon on, happy publishing!


John Finlay

Content Manager at