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Mashup | Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

At Eloquens we’re interested in any and all corporate strategy issues. One of the most exciting (and stressful) times for a corporate strategist is during a corporate takeover. Many, many uncertainties are introduced to the equation. In order to maximise value for your stakeholders it’s going to be critical that you aren’t out of your depth. This week we will be providing a selection of interesting introductions to this subject in a range of media. So whether you prefer to watch a video or read a discussion thread on Quora, we’ve got something for you. Read more

Mashup | Strategy Execution

Every once in a while we collate various digital sources into one easy-to-digest article on an important topic. We will have articles and content from Quora discussions, Ted talks, Slideshare decks, and Pinterest boards. These are all great pieces of content that have inspired us personally. Today we’ll be concentrating on strategy execution, its importance, its fundamentals and how it is different from simply coming up with a good plan. You can either go through each one of these sources with us, or you can pick and choose. It’s a buffet of self-improvement!

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Mashup: How to speak in front of other people

It can be nerve-wracking that feeling , knowing you have to stand up in front of a room full of people. Sometimes we can be quite literally lost for words. Here’s a handy mashup we’ve made  to help you prepare for this situation. It features content from Quora, Youtube, Pinterest and Slideshare, so you can access fantastic public speaking tips no matter which medium you find most captivating.

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