Eloquens Interviews: Stephen Goldberg

Want to find out key financial modelling insights from the experts? Experienced trainer & coach working with business owners, Stephen Goldberg, shares his knowledge in our latest Eloquens author interview.

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Being a leader means a great deal more than simply making decisions. It can mean motivating, instilling confidence, guiding employees, and co-ordinating goals, to name just a few things. With such a crucial number of attributes needed in order for those in leadership positions to execute their role as effectively as possible, real dedication is needed.

In this month’s Eloquens Interview, we draw insights into the best practices 💎 of management and leadership from seasoned professional coach, founder of Optimus Performance, and Eloquens author, Stephen Goldberg!

Hi, Stephen! It’s great to have you as our second Eloquens Author Interview this year. Would you mind briefly introducing yourself?


I am based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have been a trainer and coach in leadership, team development, sales and employee selection for 25 years. I work mainly with owner operated businesses in all types of industries. I grew up in a family owned business in automotive parts distribution and worked from the bottom up into a sales management position. It was then that I realized my biggest challenge was managing people and hired a trainer/coach in leadership. This ignited my passion for personal development and sharing my knowledge with business owners. I joined the Canadian Training & Development Group where I received in-depth training on organizational development and business coaching practices.

2/ Very interesting, thanks for sharing. How did you get into leadership coaching and consulting and why do you think it’s important?

I realized so much benefit from this training and coaching that I decided I needed to help others

When I went through my own leadership training with my coach, I realized how little I really knew about myself and the best practices 💎 in leadership and management of people. I realized so much benefit from this training and coaching that I decided I needed to help others experience what I had learned and my passion for being of service propelled me to become a trainer and coach for small and medium size business owners.

How do you share knowledge & help others in your field on a daily basis?

When clients need to hire someone, they use my employee assessment Best Practices 💎 to determine which is the best candidate for the job. I provide consultation on the reports generated by the assessment. This helps them make the best decision.

I also deliver training and development programs on leadership and team development to my customers. This helps their leaders develop the right style of leadership for the person and situation, which causes employees to feel supported and motivated. Team development training helps the organization develop more autonomous and self-directed employees who take initiative and solve problems on their own.

And based on your observations in the past few years, can you tell if people’s interest in sharing know-how publicly in your field has been gradually increasing?

I think that most people want to have the opportunity to share their knowledge and learn from each other and this has increased tremendously over the last 10-20 years with the advent of the internet.

We agree! So why have you decided to use an Eloquens.com Author Channel to share your Best Practices 💎?

Eloquens has given my message a voice and makes it easy to share my knowledge to more people. I like that the Best Practices 💎 are developed by experts and I can concentrate on creating great content.

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Do you anticipate any future trends or changes in your field?

Eloquens is another great resource…and will grow rapidly in importance.

I think that on demand learning is growing and people like to be able to find solutions to the problems they are facing now. Eloquens is another great resource for them to do this and will grow rapidly in importance.

It’s always great to hear praise for Eloquens.com, so thanks, Stephen! Okay, moving away from the serious stuff now… You share your best know-how on our site, would you be able to share your best joke?

There was a nurse examining a patient in a hospital who had just returned to his bed from a procedure. He said to the nurse “are my testicles black”. The nurse replied, “I’m sure they are”. The man repeated, “no I mean are my testicles black”? The nurse looked under the cover and said, “no they are not black”. The man looked at her and said “nurse, I said are my test results back”?

The moral of the joke is that it’s not always what you say that’s important, it’s what the other person hears that creates the communication. So, make sure you are understood and understand the other person.

A wise joke indeed! To end the interview, is there anything else you’d like to add?

The most important thing in learning and personal development is to know yourself. How you apply something you are learning may be different than someone else based on your type and personality. You must keep that in mind when learning something new and planning how to apply it.

And there we have it. Thanks for a very insightful interview, Stephen. We look forward to seeing your content continue to enrich the users on Eloquens.com!

We’re always happy when our authors share their know-how, so that you #DontReinventTheWheel.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next expert author interview on the Eloquens blog 👀

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