Case Study – Eloquens Author Stephen Goldberg

Discover the profile of high performance coach and Eloquens author Stephen Goldberg.

Whilst many templates and techniques are created every day, they may only be used a handfulof times. There exists a high demand for professional mentors and coaches in the professional world for time-saving and knowledge-building purposes. That’s why we, at Eloquens, have created an accessible platform to facilitate this.

Through becoming a published author on Eloquens, Stephen is helping to prevent hundreds of professionals from reinventing the wheel, equipping them with insightful Best Practices.

Stephen is the founder of Optimus Performance, a business that aims to create high performance organizations. He is a leadership and team development coach, with over 20 years consulting experience, and is also a lecturer at McGill University to graduate masters students.

By being an author on, Stephen benefits from a variety of things:

  • Firstly, Eloquens allows him to strengthen his personal brand even further
  • Secondly, it allows him to centralise his best work on a single platform
  • Get to know his audience, gaining feedback and improvement from users

On Eloquens, Stephen shares a number of Best Practices, ranging from Employee training videos, to employee motivation advice, to goal planning worksheets, helping you to be more productive as a professional.

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If you’d like to join Stephen in opening an Eloquens author account, simply go to and click on ‘publish a Best Practices‘.

The step-by-step process is very simple; you’ll have your first model published and distributed on the marketplace in no time!

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon on!

Happy publishing!


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