New seamless downloads feature!

We have recently created a new ‘seamless downloads’ feature to add to the developments of the Eloquens website. However, what exactly is the seamless downloads feature, and how is it going to improve your overall experience on Eloquens?

What function does the seamless downloads feature have? 

In short, the Seamless Downloads feature breaks down barriers for the consumer to download free Best Practices on It achieves this by removing the ‘sign-in’ barrier, creating a ‘guest’ function for downloading best practices without signing in. Sign-in still remains an option, however it is not a necessary process in order to download a free Best Practice. 

However, paid Best Practices do still require an Eloquens account, as payment information does need to be processed here. 

If you are an author that would not like this function switched on for their individual Best Practices, there is also an option to switch off the feature based on your needs. 

How will this help consumers?

By removing the sign-in process, this will help improve productivity and ease-of-use for consumers, allowing them to access information at a faster rate. 

How will this help the author? 

We are expecting a greater number of downloads for free Best Practices, meaning that this will likely improve interest in your channel and then paid best practices as a result. 

All in all, the seamless downloads feature is mutually beneficial for both consumers and authors and we hope that you enjoy the new feature. 

As always, the Eloquens team is at your disposal, and we are available to listen to any queries or issues, and are always looking for constructive criticism to improve our user experience.

We hope you enjoy it!


Check Out These Best Practices to Get Started 😃


Check Out These Best Practices to Boost Your Performance 😃

Timothée Demoures

Managing Director

Tim Demoures
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