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Now you can give credit to everyone who has contributed to your work! Add fellow contributing experts, your institution or your professor to your Best Practices with a few simple clicks.
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– Halford E. Luccock

“There is nothing wrong about whistling on your own” one might say. Of course not! You can end up with a really good melody that will make your friends smile. They may try to learn from you how to whistle it as well. You may even get it recorded if you bring it to perfection! However, your whistled song will never be a symphony. If you are aiming at creating one, you will need an orchestra.
This means – you will need A TEAM.

As a team-oriented company, we are fully aware that most of the best ideas result from brainstorms, long hours of discussion and continuous COOPERATION with others. We believe that it is also the case for you while you are creating Best Practices that you intend to share on!
You cooperate with fellow experts, professors and institutions. You do the research using your university resources. You get inspired, you incorporate other people’s work into yours… and you want to make sure that everyone gets recognition for their contributions and get the credit they deserve, don’t you?

With a view to meeting your needs, supporting your team and helping you look after you and your colleagues’  Intellectual Property Rights properly, we would like to introduce you to our brand new feature today:


You are given a marvelous opportunity to collaborate with fellow authors and expand your horizons by publishing together!

How does it work?  You can add co-authors to all Best Practices that you intend to publish in the blink of an eye, by just following a few quick steps in your Eloquens Author Account space.

Is it for me? YES, IT IS! Everyone can benefit from our co-authoring feature! You can add your team members, your company, your professor or your academic institution as Co-Authors of your Best Practice. You’re rewarding them for their work and you don’t have to worry about Intellectual Property Rights.

What will I get from it if I am…

  • working in the academic environment?

You will be able to better represent the contributions of your Academic Institution and its members.

As a PROFESSOR, you can publish on your own Eloquens Author Channel all of the Best Practices that you have created with fellow researchers and experts in your field.  You are also given a chance to use co-authoring as a motivational tool for your top students: why not encourage them to publish some of their creations from your class and make sure that appropriate credit is given to you at the same time?

If you are a STUDENT you can upload material that you have built during your studies and credit appropriately each party depending on their contributions. Yes,  you can finally publish your team-work based Best Practices without any worries about abusing Intellectual Property Rights. Simply credit your Professor, University or fellow Students!

  • working within an organisation?

You can make sure that all your team members, as well as your institutions, are appropriately credited for their work.

If you are a MEMBER OF AN ORGANISATION or an EMPLOYEE, you will be able to credit your organisation as well as your colleagues and fellow experts. As a result, you will be publishing from a position where you have all Intellectual Property Rights secured.

Co-authoring gives you plenty of opportunities if you are a COMPANY or an ORGANISATION! First of all, you can boost your brand whilst celebrating the successes and skill sets of the individual members of your team. By giving appropriate credit to everyone who has contributed to a published Best Practice, you motivate your employees to be more creative – they feel that their work is being appreciated and well credited.

  • working as an independent expert?

Thanks to our co-authoring feature, you can appropriately credit other professionals who have built parts of your Best Practice with you. As an INDEPENDENT EXPERT, you can also give credit to those who inspired your work and make sure that they get the recognition that they deserve. Co-authoring is also the perfect way to expand your professional network – you can reach out to other parties and offer your cooperation and a co-publication. That way you are  both winners.

Click on the pictures on the right to have an overview of the co-authored Best Practices!

Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.


Examples of Co-Authored Best Practices

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