Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared.

Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared. five authors comparison

Following on from our previous article in this series where we discussed the top three strategy authors on Eloquens, we additionally have five more authors to compare here, this time from the financial sector- so that you can make the best decision for your business when selecting between Best Practices. 

Below are five of our most popular authors of our financial Best Practices.

Jason Varner

Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared. jason varner

Firstly, Jason Varner provides Best Practices over a huge range of primarily financial topics. His cohort of 136 Best Practices spans 65 different Eloquens categories for a wide range of different users. Jason is a financial modeller who specialises in mainly financial real estate, SaaS, inventory and recurring revenue models. His Models are easy to use and efficient for a wide range of audiences. In addition to the readability and ease of use of his models, Jason Varner’s models are also available for a range of budgets considering that he sells some of his more detailed models for in excess of $200, and others for free

Profit Vision Financial Services

Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared. profit vision

In addition to Jason Varner, Profit Vision Financial Services channel has over 135 Best Practices available for purchase on Eloquens platform. The channel is priced at a premium- a reflection of how conclusive and detailed their Best Practices really are. Profit Vision’s Best Practices are priced mainly at around the $100 mark, with some cheaper and some more exclusive models too. These products really do provide a one stop approach to a potentially difficult and grounding business issue. The channel contains both general financial Best Practices that are able to be adapted to a wide range of Businesses, but also contains some that are specific to a certain type of business (Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, etc.) – including some as specific as a Pet shop financial model and a Healthcare Chain Financial Projections Excel Model. 

Big 4 Wall Street

Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared. big4wallstreet

Big4WallStreet’s channel contains just over one hundred best practices which are mainly financial models and decision making tools for executives across a wide range of sectors (hospitality, real estate, banking, shipping, energy, technology and others). The channel has some detailed best practices priced at a premium, but also many free or cheaper options for those on a tighter budget who are still looking for business improvements. Prices range from free templates to some at around $400 for those looking for a highly detailed Best Practice, such as the Online Businesses Bundle for $465, containing a range of information from several different templates to provide a conclusive overview.


Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared. projectify

Furthermore, the Projectify channel provides over eighty Financial based Best Practices for its customers focusing on providing a variety of generic and industry-specific 3-statement financial models and models for other use cases including cost-benefit analysis, cash flow / liquidity analysis, debt/loan analysis and investment return simulation. Projectify’s Best Practices are mainly priced under or around $50. Projectify does offer some Best Practices for free, and some for around $25-35, making this channel a good option for learners looking for a high quality middle range option, providing depth, best practice financial modelling and user-friendliness while still being at an accessible price point. 

Henry Sheykin

Our Five Most Popular Financial Authors Compared. henry sheykin

Henry Sheykin’s channel specialises in financial projections for a variety of businesses. As with Profit Vision Financial Services, Henry Sheykin’s channel has specific templates for even the most niche businesses. These include Barber Shop  and Delivery Service Templates.  Financial Models. Henry Sheykin has over 250 models available on his channel and they are all available to the consumer for free.

In conclusion

In conclusion, all five authors provide great services for their customers, however all provide Best practices at different prices relative to the amount of detail that they provide. Modelers such as Big 4 Wall Street and Jason Varner have models on their channel for all different price points, whereas Profit Vision Financial Services specialises in best Practices priced at a premium. Projectify and Henry Sheykin on the other hand specialise in products that are more accessible for a wider audience by pricing them at a lower price point.

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