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Summation, the 15+ year old blog from Auren Hoffman, and is one of the first blogs many managers look to for inspiration.

This blog from seasoned investor and entrepreneur, Hoffmann, is a must read because of it’s broad range of topics, covering management, strategy, career and leadership issues and because of the genuine wealth of personal experience shared.

Auren Hoffmann, based in San Francisco California is a self-proclaimed ‘lover of non obvious ideas’, and we can see this spilling over into his blog output, which covers a whole range of topics from unusual angles. He is an American entrepreneur, author and angel investor. As well as founding and investing in several successful ventures which have gone on to be bought by giants like Google, Twitter and Apple, he is an occasional contributor for the Huffington Post and Business Week.

The experience that Hoffman has garnered in the last fifteen or so years gives him a unique perspective on some of the most important challenges that beset entrepreneurs, consultants and managers. For this reason we can’t rate him highly enough!


Here are a few of his latest post titles as examples of his output:

1. The Moneyballing of the CMO

In this post, Hoffman likens the sabermetric revolution in baseball, as shown by Brad Pitt’s film Moneyball, is having a similarly striking impact on the way managers use data to create strategy.

2. The coming decline in ownership

Here, he theorises that the internet will allow, and has already begun to revolutionise our concept of ownership. The technology of the internet will he believes allow us to use our resources much more efficiently by sharing and renting, especially those items which we only use ocassionally.

3. The Biggest Losers Win Big

You’ve got to learn to fail if you want to be really successful. In this post Hoffman uses a long list of examples of politicians and others who have gone onto great success following setbacks and dissapointments.



Here’s a link to his blog so you can read his good work for yourself. If you like it, spread the word!





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