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News Aggregator Tools

News aggregators can be a great way of saving you time while simultaneously broadening your reach and scope. Aggregators pull together content from your favourite outlets. Rather than trying to think of all your favourite news sources off the top of your head every morning your market watch tool will aggregate content from all your favourite providers.

Be careful that your aggregator doesn’t end up becoming a false economy. You can spend so much time assembling and search for content sources to follow and add that you end up being time-inefficient. You could also end up with badly prioritized and chosen sources that end up clogging up your feed or making your feed unwieldly.

The demise of the Google Reader has left a slight vacuum in the world of the RSS reader. Here are some of the star performers.


1. Feedly


2. Digg

Digg Reader   Manage and Read Your RSS Feeds

3. NewsBlur


4. Feedbin


5. Fever

Fever° Red hot. Well read.

6. Net Vibes

Netvibes – Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Alerts Dashboard

7. Old Reader

The Old Reader

There is not a huge difference to separate between these aggregators and your personal preference will probably come down to how it ‘feels’ to you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution so we recommend you have a play around with these and see which feels best to you. Get involved through the comment board — it’d be great to have your feedback.

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