Launch of Eloquens New HIRE ME Feature is proud to announce the launch of our new “HIRE ME” feature aimed to allow our users to directly access a secure and trusted Freelance channel in search of more specialised work, making the exchange of Know-How even more accessible.

As a result in a an increasing demand from users to access more specialised Best Practices 💎 from their favourite expert authors, we’ve decided to launch our very own “HIRE ME” Feature. 🎉

The release of this new format will enable our authors to connect their channel to the Freelance Community, strengthening their revenue streams from their expertise even further! 👏

Click to Watch the Full Demo Video

Key benefits of our new HIRE ME feature: ⬇

  • Source Additional Leads for your freelancing activity ☑
  • Boost your Personal Brand above others in a Competitive Market ☑
  • Continue to build a Profound Network and Growing Fan Base around your premium Best Practice. ☑

In order to add this new feature, just link your Upwork Channel to your profile as you would with any of your other social media connections. 😊

Equally, you can also include a link to your Eloquens Channel in your Upwork description, enabling your prospects to have a peep at your best premium resources. ✨

Similar to the “Followers Feature”, the connection of your Upwork channel will appear in a button labelled “HIRE ME” on both ▶ your author channel and in ▶your private messages.

Should you have any questions on you’re welcome to reach out to us via Private Message 💬 on our Eloquens Channel

–  The Eloquens Team 🟦

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