Launch of Eloquens New HIRE ME Feature is proud to announce the launch of our new “HIRE ME” feature aimed to allow our users to directly access a secure and trusted Freelance channel in search of more specialised work, making the exchange of Know-How even more accessible.

As a result in a an increasing demand from users to access more specialised Best Practices from their favourite expert authors, we’ve decided to launch our very own “HIRE ME” Feature.

The release of this new format will enable our authors to connect their channel to the Freelance Community, strengthening their revenue streams from their expertise even further!

Click to Watch the Full Demo Video

Key benefits of our new HIRE ME feature:

  • Source Additional Leads for your freelancing activity
  • Boost your Personal Brand above others in a Competitive Market
  • Continue to build a Profound Network and Growing Fan Base around your premium Best Practice.

In order to add this new feature, just link your Upwork Channel to your profile as you would with any of your other social media connections.

Equally, you can also include a link to your Eloquens Channel in your Upwork description, enabling your prospects to have a peep at your best premium resources.

Similar to the “Followers Feature”, the connection of your Upwork channel will appear in a button labelled “HIRE ME” on both your author channel and in your private messages.

Should you have any questions on you’re welcome to reach out to us via Private Message on our Eloquens Channel

–  The Eloquens Team

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