Stand & Fight Together to Help the Business World Beat COVID-19!


The COVID-19 crisis has hit most businesses hard in the past few days and will continue to do so for the months to come. Millions of professionals across the world are looking for Best Practices to beat coronavirus’ negative impact and adapt their business to the current context.

At Eloquens, we are ready to support you in this battle!


– Saadi

As the leading community of Best Practice Publishing experts, in a wide array of fields (from Financial Modelling to Leadership and HR), we feel it is our individual and collective responsibility to contribute. We should all stand up and use our powers/expertise to help others fight against the threats that the new situation is posing to all of us. Various businesses are struggling to adapt to changing circumstances and are desperately looking for workable solutions. Hence, in these difficult and unpredictable times, we should work together to find BEST PRACTICES to FIGHT COVID-19’S  NEGATIVE IMPACT on the economy. Just like ants, if we stand strong together, we can vanquish the lion…

 As the Eloquens Team, we have taken the initiative to open a dedicated “COVID-19 Best Practices” Category  to provide a space for the sharing of Best Practices adapted to the current context.  ▶


◀ We are also reaching out directly to our wide community of experts with invites to share their expertise and help those in need. We will also heavily promote 📣 COVID-19 related Best Practices on the platform & on social media to assure their visibility and increase their positive impact.

We strongly encourage You to ‘roll-up your sleeves’, stand up and join the anti-COVID-19 war effort! ⚔ 💻

How can I contribute? 🆘

You can adapt your already existing Best Practices to the current situation or create new models that will be highly applicable in today’s context. To help you with this mission 🦸‍♂️, we have prepared a list of themes that could be covered:

– Changing Business Models
– Hyper-Volatility of Financial Markets
– Global Shrink of the Economy
– Leadership & Management in a Crisis Context

– Limited Investment Opportunities
– Health & Safety
– Excess Inventory Management
– New Marketing Strategies
(shift to online marketing)

– Working From Home
– Budget Shifts
– Cash Flow Management Re-Forecasting
– Global Business Strategy Pivots

Remember: “We rise by lifting others” (Robert Ingersoll)

As demand for Best Practices in different fields is very high at the moment and the number of searches on our platform has rocketed over the past few days, we believe that it is the best time for you to publish your Best Practices. There is a strong chance that you will be immediately spotted by our Users and your Author Channel visibility will increase. You are also given an opportunity to create a positive image of your personal/corporate brand by showing your altruism and willingness to contribute in these difficult times.

This is how helping others to overcome their struggles with coronavirus becomes a way to help yourself.
It’s a clear win – win situation.

Millions of businesses across the world need your support, now more than ever!

Share your know-how and help them survive during this critical period.

Eloqoon & Eloquens Team are counting on you!  ▶

#stand #fight #strongertogether

Examples of COVID-19 Best Practices

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