Is the Eloquens logo meant to be a Pokeball?!

The Eloquens branding: What does the name mean? And what inspired the logo design? Let’s take a look…

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When launching the platform back in 2016, we went through extensive lists of potential names for our unique Best Practices💎 website tool, before eventually coming across the perfect name, ‘Eloquens’, and here’s why we liked it so much 👌:

Upon first glance, the name Eloquens instantly invokes a striking resemblance to the english adjective ‘Eloquent’, meaning: ⬇

  • (of speech, writing, etc) characterised by fluency and persuasiveness. 
  • visibly or vividly expressive, as of an emotion.

However, upon further investigation🕵️‍♀️, you will discover Eloquent has its roots in the Latin word ‘ēloquēns’, which means ‘speaking out’ (a compound of the words ‘ē’, meaning ‘out of/from’, and loquī, meaning ‘to speak’.)

So, when you combine these two aspects: ‘speaking out fluently and persuasively’ 📣, this is a perfect encapsulation of what our company stands for: finding expert authors to speak out and share their Best Practices💎 in a digestible, interesting and persuasive manner. In doing so, we can make know-how a common good for all our users and reduce inefficiencies as users avoid having to ‘reinvent the wheel’🎡.

Speaking of encapsulation; is that logo meant to be a Pokeball?! Well, perhaps subconsciously – but the metaphor still holds true. At Eloquens, we also capture value, but instead of a Pikachu, we store expertise 📜 that successful businessmen and businesswomen have acquired over a lifetime of industry experience, and we provide the platform to release again and again these invaluable Best Practices💎 that will help you battle the business world 💼. 

In the original first drafts, we were set on creating something that helped illustrate our slogan: ‘Don’t reinvent the wheel’🎡. So it was designed to look like a simple and innovative wheel, with the central hub part and two curved outer sections, it also has a futuristic feel. The light navy blue colour 🟦 was chosen for the logo, as blue is the colour of professionalism and trust, also demonstrating self-confidence without arrogance. 

IS THE ELOQUENS LOGO MEANT TO BE A POKEBALL?! Screen Shot 2020 01 10 at 15.22.27

IS THE ELOQUENS LOGO MEANT TO BE A POKEBALL?! Screen Shot 2020 01 10 at 15.26.44

However, there is much more to the logo than that. It also represents two people around a central table, engaging in a dialogue that is mutually beneficial. This encourages the idea that everyone deserves a seat at the table that no-one should be excluded from a strong business education for any reason 🎓. Furthermore, we believe that just because a professional might lack experience or adequate Best Practices💎 to try something new, that shouldn’t limit them to a lifetime of dependence on others.

On our unique website with its diverse range of Best Practices💎, our users can access one-to-one teaching 👩‍🏫 from our exclusively high quality sources. Educate yourself, solve your problems quickly and level the playing field. You can even directly message the authors if you have more specific questions and enter a dialogue with business leaders that you would not otherwise have access to.

The logo also depicts the story of each individual Eloquens user, with a beginning, a middle and an end. From left to right, the journey 🛣 begins with a user who is searching for ways to improve their business acumen or needing a Best Practice💎 to follow enters the world of Eloquens. They then go on to discover the vast information stores at their disposal as they browse around our site, searching for the Best Practices💎 that most apply to them.

They then find what they are looking for, download the free and/or purchasable content and begin cycling through the information 🚲, learning as they go, all the while becoming more business-savvy and informed.

Finally, they can take all their newly acquired skills and Best Practices💎 and go out and go further, as a more complete professional, until the next time they require our service and the cycle starts again.Furthermore, whereas a filled-in circle would indicate completeness and perfection👌, we understand that people should always be striving to improve themselves, acquire new skills and learn more.

In conclusion, there is certainly more to the Eloquens name and logo than meets the eye… wait… is it an eye as well..? 👁‍🗨 Hmmm. Probably just a coincidence.

On, we are the leading online marketplace to find and share ready to use Best Practices💎 in the worlds of Finance, Strategy, Start-Ups, Marketing, Legal, Leadership & HR and Technology in six varying formats. Learn How-To contribute today! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑



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