Ten out of Ten for the 10’s

As the decade comes to a close, reflection begins and we look back on how, in just such a short period of time, our lives and the world which surrounds us has changed significantly.

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The decade began amid the global financial crisis and the subsequent recession, and it will end in climax of political uncertainty. Arguably, this can be identified most clearly by major political events such as Brexit or the potential impeachment of Trump. However, in linking together each protest and demonstrations that are stretching across the globe, such as those in Hong Kong, Chile, Algeria, France, Lebanon and Iran to name a few, it demonstrates the magnitude of global political instability.

In all honestly, when focusing on these negatives, it is overwhelming. But it is not all doom and gloom because it is not about how we entered or how we will leave the 10’s, however it is about what we achieved within it! Asides from the success and development of one’s personal goals, the 10’s saw substantial advancements across the board, but most particularly in the technological sector.

With regards to technology, think back to 2010, to what you did not have, which now we depend upon. A simple yet astonishing example, is the iPhone, which in 2010 reached a new turning point as Apple released the iPhone 4. At this point the total sales of iPhones across the globe was at 50 million, but by November 2018 this figure had risen to a dazing 2.2 Billion, making it the most sold smartphone in the world!

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These figures only demonstrate our new-found dependability on a device, which not only acts as way in which to communicate with one another but also acts as an all in one object for our needs. Think about it, with an iPhone, we no longer need a camera, no longer need CD’S or a Cassette player, no longer need to know where we are going prior to leaving the house, or carry a map, no longer need our wallet or cards and no longer need to own a torch, for instance. The list of its capabilities really is endless, which we often take for granted as it easily fits into our back pockets.

However, the 10’s technological advancement is not limited to the growth of one device or the smartphone in particular, but it is the general growth of the “Internet of Things”, which really underlines our progression in the sector. To be precise, according to Gartner the Internet of Things is “the network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment.” Examples of such are, Virtual Assistance in the form of the Amazon Echo/ Google Home, or Self-Driving Cars such as the Tesla Model S, or even AI Robots and Machinery which are currently being installed in various warehouses such as those for Amazon and plunging us into the 4th Industrial Revolution.


With this emerging, simplified technological connectivity it is of note to highlight that it poses threat as much as it does opportunity. The 10’s equally revealed and required of us, as individuals, to pay closer attention to our data privacy, to our data rights and to the information that we access and believe, specifically amongst FAANG Co-Operations. One must only look to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the fact that “Fake News” became the word of the year in 2017, to understand the real risks of neglecting the negative impacts that our budding connectivity poses.

Conversely, this connectivity offers a great accessibility of information, which if used correctly provides substantial prospect. Individuals can now, with little time or money, further and challenge themselves without the need to pay for a certain service, such as college, or without the need to depend on direct contact between individuals.

Hence in the 20’s, we ask of you to utilise the platform that the 10’s new-found connectivity provides To Make Know-How a Common Good rather than to contribute to its malice.

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