Congratulations to all ModelOff Pro&Rookie Champions!


Our sincere congratulations to all laureates for their achievements!
We are honoured to have such prominent financial modelers in our community as both Eloquens Authors & Users

‘What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win.’

– Patty Berg

We know that great determination and dedication are required to get to the top.
On we are giving you an opportunity to gain recognition that you deserve and make the effects of your hard work visible to the vast audience.

Many ModelOff Champions have already decided to work with us!

Will you join too?

Andrew Grigolyunovich (23rd ModelOff Pro) has been an Eloquens Author since February 2019 with 64 Best Practices published so far!
Have  a look at Andrew’s Eloquens Author Channel!

Samir Asadov (25th ModelOff Pro) joined us as an Eloquens Author in 2020 and now has 13 Best Practices published so far!
Visit Samir Asadov’s Author Channel!

Samir Asadov's Eloquens Author Channel

Jhett Koo (34th ModelOff Pro Champion) has been with us since 2018. He’s published 4 Best Practices so far. Visit Jhett’s Eloquens Author Channel!

Matterwise (49th ModelOff Pro Champion) joined us in 2021 and has already published 2 Best Practices so far. Be sure to check out their Eloquens Author Channel!

Matterwise LLP's Eloquens Author Channel

We are also looking forward to Marc Wiseman‘s (13th in ModelOff Pro) publication of Best Practices. He has already registered as an Author!

We are happy to have a significant number of the ModelOff 2019 Champions as Users as well:

Interested in joining ModelOff Champions & community? 

Have a look at our Author Channel here or get in touch with us! We’re happy to answer all your questions!


Patrycja Cybinska

Author Value Manager

Patrycja Cybinska
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