Mashup: Creating your Business Strategy


It’s that time again where we bring you our latest Mashup! This time around we’re going to be looking at how to create and implement your business strategy. We’ll be suggesting a range of great sources from Quora and Ted Talks to Pinterest and Slideshare. You can either pick and choose which of these media appeals to you and take the quick win, or you can grab a cup of coffee and settle in to enjoy all of them together. Either way you can be sure you’ll be inspired and energized.

Ted Talk

This inspirational talk from Martin Reeves, BCG Senior Partner and Managing Director in New York, looks at the future of strategy and what this means for the old, traditional view of business planning. This guy has walked the walk, and here he talks the Talk. He gives us some great pieces of insight into how to plan for the future in an increasingly unstable world.

Quora Discussion

In this Quora discussion there’s some really helpful debate about how the creation of a business road map relates to business strategy. It has notable contributions from strategy professors, startup founders and angel investors so you can be sure that the advice is coming from a place of real experience.

4  What is a successful company's Business Strategy roadmap  - Quora



This slide deck has some really great structured thinking about how to locate your firm within your vision of the world, and also how to influence how the world perceives your business. It offers advice about how to define your company, how to analyse your industry segment and conduct market analysis as well how to design and implement an effective strategy.


This Pinterest board has loads of great infographics to give you pause for thought, or perhaps simply to pep you up a bit. But it also has some useful and memorable ways of thinking about business planning and strategy. If you don’t have a lot of time or are just searching for some motivational ways of diving into this subject this is a great place to start.



What do you think? What sources have you found inspiring and game-changing in your bid to build your own business? Why not let us know through twitter


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