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Mashup | Strategy Execution

Every once in a while we collate various digital sources into one easy-to-digest article on an important topic. We will have articles and content from Quora discussions, Ted talks, Slideshare decks, and Pinterest boards. These are all great pieces of content that have inspired us personally. Today we’ll be concentrating on strategy execution, its importance, its fundamentals and how it is different from simply coming up with a good plan. You can either go through each one of these sources with us, or you can pick and choose. It’s a buffet of self-improvement!



In this lively and engaging Quora thread, CEOs, Stanford grads and engineers rub shoulders while discussing the nature of business strategy. A significant part of this discussion involves unsticking strategy execution from strategy formulation. If you’ve ever had any questions around this area then this may well be the conversation for you.


4  What is a successful company's Business Strategy roadmap  - Quora




This Pinterest board is full of great tips on how to take your strategy from formulation to execution. It’s particularly good on the value of communicating your goals and how to accomplish this.

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In this Ted Talk, Martin Reeves of BCG expounds the key insights from his well-respected book, Your Strategy Needs  Strategy. In this talk he helps to show how you can create a more tailored strategy execution for your business.



In this helpful webinar, Grant Crow, CEO of i-Nexus walks us through the obstacles that can interfere with successful strategy execution. Even more helpfully, he provides a basic manual for how to overcome these extremely common issues.


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