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Mashup | Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers

At Eloquens we’re interested in any and all corporate strategy issues. One of the most exciting (and stressful) times for a corporate strategist is during a corporate takeover. Many, many uncertainties are introduced to the equation. In order to maximise value for your stakeholders it’s going to be critical that you aren’t out of your depth. This week we will be providing a selection of interesting introductions to this subject in a range of media. So whether you prefer to watch a video or read a discussion thread on Quora, we’ve got something for you. Read more

Mashup | Strategy Execution

Every once in a while we collate various digital sources into one easy-to-digest article on an important topic. We will have articles and content from Quora discussions, Ted talks, Slideshare decks, and Pinterest boards. These are all great pieces of content that have inspired us personally. Today we’ll be concentrating on strategy execution, its importance, its fundamentals and how it is different from simply coming up with a good plan. You can either go through each one of these sources with us, or you can pick and choose. It’s a buffet of self-improvement!

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Mashup | Digital Marketing

It’s been a little while since we did one of our mashup posts, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite digital marketing content from around the web. If you’re in the mood for video content then we’ve got a great TED talk for you. If you feel like checking out some great infographics then we’ve got a whole Pinterest board full of them. Whatever kind of media appeals to you right now, we’ve got the fix!

TED Talk | Derek Sivers shows us how to start a movement!

In this fantastic video Derek Sivers does in three minutes what very few other people on the planet could in twenty: he shows us how we can move others into action. By watching this video you can expect to gain access to a world where words really can change lives.

Pinterest | These infographics get right to the heart of digital marketing

What I like about these infographics is the way they distill the hot trends and key themes of contemporary digital marketing into a one graphic. For pure efficiency of narrative explanation its very hard to beat these infographics.

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Quora | What is the future of digital marketing?

Here is a great thread about the future trends of digital marketing. With input from real professionals this thread has an awful lot to offer. If you want the views of CMOs, partners and digital marketing strategists on the future of this business look no further!

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Slideshare | The fundamentals of digital marketing

If you’re looking for a a comprehensive introduction to the subject, this Slideshare deck is a fantastic resource. It takes you through the basics of setting out on the digital marketing journey. It helps you develop a purpose and a set of objectives for your online presence as well as showing how you can measure your progress. Really valuable starting point.


We hope you’ve found something in this mashup that really resonates with you. If something has, why not let us know through Twitter



Mashup: Branding And Marketing Your Business

All businesses require marketing and branding. You might not consider marketing your top priority. You might consider it to be an add-on you think about once the product or service is finalized. But the way people perceive and respond to your product is absolutely critical to your continued success. Here we’ve collected our favorite inspirational content from around the web. We’ve got Pinterest boards, Ted talks, Slideshare decks and Quora discussions here to share with you. So whatever your favorite medium, we’ve got something here for you. You’ll never think about marketing the same way again!

1. Ted Talk

This is a really eye-opening Ted Talk. Who would’ve thought that physics would have any lessons for marketing? Well here, Google’s Marketing Director Dan Cobley explains how Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion can change the way you think about marketing forever. This talk is as fascinating as it is memorable.

2. Pinterest

This Pinterest board is full of marketing and branding infographics to help you get your head round complex ideas fast and easily. We particularly like this infographic about how your brain responds to different brand logos. Really powerful stuff.

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3. Quora Thread

This is a really valuable Quora thread about how to grow your user-base fast. With contributions from the likes of Noah Kagan and Ryan Holiday, it contains marketing truths that go well beyond the remit of the question and should be great reading no matter what business you’re in.


4. Slideshare

This slide deck will really get you thinking about what brand identity means and how to optimize yours for success. It has quotes from Seth Godin and Peter Drucker to inspire and lead you to greater things. This deck focuses on how to improve your marketing without spending a huge amount of money, and has some useful lessons for all of us, no matter how big or small our company is.

Mashup: Creating your Business Strategy


It’s that time again where we bring you our latest Mashup! This time around we’re going to be looking at how to create and implement your business strategy. We’ll be suggesting a range of great sources from Quora and Ted Talks to Pinterest and Slideshare. You can either pick and choose which of these media appeals to you and take the quick win, or you can grab a cup of coffee and settle in to enjoy all of them together. Either way you can be sure you’ll be inspired and energized. Read more