How to Build Trust with Your Target Audience as a Freelancer

With the rise in the Gig Economy, Freelancing is equally increasing to grow, but how is it possible to be successful in a crowded industry which already annually contributes $1 Trillion each year to the US economy?

The Key is to build trust in order to attract and retain clientele. In fulfilling the following 5 steps, make freelancing a secure career path and join the 56.7 million already established American Freelancers.

First class Freelancers need First class Profiles – Minor details make all the difference:

  • Upload a Professional Profile Image – Present yourself as you would for any serious business meetings.
  • Write a Detailed Profile Description – Pitch yourself just as you would to any potential employer.
  • Keep your profile verified – This is a must-have, it ensures secure transactions between yourself and the client ensuring them that you’re not a scammer!
  • Link your Freelancing Channel to all your professional Social Media Channels – In connecting to your virtual community this reassures potential clients of your professional status.
  • Add High-Quality Work to your Portfolio – To entice and encourage your first clients publish examples of your work.


Always be above board – Financial Terms that protect both parties:

  • Never work without a Contract – Have a contract for each job you do even if it’s with the same client. This will ensure that you are both protected and can transact goods safely. For more information refer to the FreeLancers Union.

Maintain a High Level of Clientele Satisfaction:

  • Make sure you’re the right person! – Remain honest with your capability and availability to guarantee that you are able to fulfil clientele requirements.
  • Create a Relationship, know your client – In being more personable via new media such as Video Calls, it enhances your ability to grasp the aim of the client to a more profound level and collaborate to their vision.
  • Clearly Communicate, Before, During, Upon Project Completion and After the Project – In remaining accessible you are able to constantly manage expectations on completion date, quality and content.

Build your Online Community:

  • Detailed Reviews & Testimonials – On the successful competition of a Contract, encourage and remind your Client to review your work to boost your profile above other Freelancers
  • Grow your audience – Constantly remain active on all Social Media Platforms, share your recent work, ask previous clients for potential connections, don’t be shy!

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Olivia Green

Business Developer
& Marketing Manager

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