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Want to find out key freelancing insights from the experts? World-leading freelancers in Financial Modeling / Planning & Perfomance / Data Analysis & Forecasting, Big4WallStreet, share their knowledge and experience in our latest Eloquens author interview.

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Hi, Big4WallStreet Team! Glad to be discussing with you today. Would you mind briefly introducing yourselves? Would love to hear your story!

We are a team of three with a background in Finance, Accounting & Economics. Our combined experience is mainly in Financial Modeling / Planning & Performance / Data Analysis & Forecasting with vast experience within corporate finance and financial planning teams.

We have been using state of the art modeling techniques as part of our careers and were employed in large multinational firms (consulting, industrial conglomerates, trading companies) as well as in technology start-ups.

Our team has developed extensive expertise by leading projects with full ownership across major industries. Our experience allowed us to acquire specialized financial advisory experience in various projects related to Debt & Operational Restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, Decision Support, Project Finance, Valuations, Business Planning and Strategic Forecasting, Feasibility Studies, Transaction Modelling, Working Capital & Cash-Flow Management.

Interesting and what attracted you to becoming a Freelancer?

After working many years as employees in the corporate finance sector and steadily climbing the corporate ladder, we felt we were constricted and ruled by guidelines we didn’t believe in. We had already thought of the idea of freelancing but never took the leap of faith. A series of events led us to decide to live in the present and not in fear of the future. Before finding the motivation to take the plunge, we needed to believe in it and hence our motto “Believe, Conceive, Excel”. Our main motivation to freelancing was freedom and flexibility in our lives.

What do you think of the increasing tendency of experts to go Freelance?

Well nowadays the digitalization and access to the internet is becoming widely available at a global level. The world is becoming a small village where you can communicate, cooperate and deliver projects to other continents as if you were locally based. These conditions create an ideal environment for Freelancers.

How would you describe your experience being a FreeLancer? Why would you recommend someone to become a freelancer like you?

Up to now it has been an exciting journey with both its ups and downs, kind of a roller-coaster experience! However, we also clearly see that dedication, passion and hard work led to a significant improvement in our practice over time. Our main motivations for freelancing was freedom and flexibility along with self-fulfillment.

What do you think about the increasing tendency for professionals to generate a passive revenue stream on top of their activity?

This is great and Eloquens has done a wonderful job here with its very own marketplace. It gives freelancers the chance to generate both passive revenues as well as to advertise their work and win freelancing projects. Passive income allows you to have a relatively stable side revenue along with the usual project-based jobs.

As a freelancer, what attracted you to use an Eloquens.com Author channel to monetize your best how-to content?

From the first day it was clear that Eloquens was a professional platform with great support, constantly evolving to fulfill the needs of freelancers / users and our experience up to now with Eloquens has been stellar. The platform is easy to use, possesses the required tools to monitor your performance & audience, and the support team is always there to give you a helping hand.

What’s your top tool on your Eloquens Channel today?

Our top tool today is the “Three Statements Financial Excel Model & Valuation”, it has almost 2000 views and a 4.6 rating.

Who’s your favourite author on Eloquens (apart from you 🤩)?

Our favorite author on Eloquens is Jason Varner, he was one of the Freelancers that inspired us to start ours practice.

How would you describe your overall experience with Eloquens.com? Would you recommend it to other freelancers?

Absolutely, our experience has been fantastic. The support team is great, the marketplace is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Eloquens allows you to increase your visibility with various marketing tools already incorporated in their platform. The marketplace is a must for any freelancer.

To end the interview, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Our first encounter was when a member of the Eloquens’ team contacted us to enquire whether we would like to upload one of our tools to their marketplace a few years back. At the beginning we were skeptical, then curious, now we can’t imagine not having such a marketplace available to us!

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks to Big4WallStreet for the interview, you can check out their best how-to tools on their Eloquens Author Channel.

We’re always happy when our authors share their know-how, so that you #DontReinventTheWheel, alternatively if you are looking to access more specialised how-to tools, connect to our verified authors Freelance Channel through our recently released “HIRE ME!” feature.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next expert author interview on the Eloquens blog 👀

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