10'000 User Mark Reached


We would like to share with you our growth Statistics on Eloquens’ User Community, since the launch in 2016. Especially as the Eloquens Community reached 10,000 members yesterday!

The 2016 curve seems flat at first sight with the scale effect, but as you will see it started as an exponential as we shifted from our beta to our operational V1.

The community doubled a first time in 2017 from 162 users in January to 340 users in February. As new authors joined the platform we reached 700 users in March, 1,500 in May, then after V2 was released it doubled again to 3,000 in July and with V2.1 (New Categories, Iframes…) doubled to reach 6,000 in November….and with our growing visibility, we have just reached the 10,000 threshold!

With this growth trend, we are on the way to realize our vision to offer the first platform to share professional ready-to-use knowledge.

Should you want to publish a quality content on Eloquens yourself (for free or for a price), we invite you to click on this link to learn more: Publishing Your First Best Practice on Eloquens

Looking forward to seeing you on Eloquens!

Timothée Demoures
Managing Director

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