10-fold increase in Eloquens’ Community of professionals!

Today we are proud to announce that our Eloquens community has reached to 100,000 professionals. A x10 increase since January 2018!

Eloquens.com aims to make Know-How a Common Good, as we prevent professionals need to Re-Invent the Wheel. The platform allows experts in their fields of Finance, Strategy, Start-Ups, Marketing, Legal, Leadership, HR, Technology, to publish their whole range of Best Practices to the world in a few clicks.

Whether these be Downloadable Tools, Step-by-step Methods, PDF guides, E-books, Videos and Online Video Courses, in enabling our users to access pre-made, verified, professional Best Practice, which has already been successfully implemented, not only does it enable them to waste less time, but more importantly it enhances their ability to surpass failure.

Hence why we couldn’t be more satisfied with the platforms global influence having a user base in 186 countries out of 193!

To mark this monumental moment we would like to highlight below a few of our most impactful changes where you can view the development of Eloquens across the years:

Eloquens created by the start-up studio adVentures

Format Types

April 24th, 2017

Release of Eloquens V1+

January 28th, 2018

Reached 10,000 registered users

January 31st, 2019

Release of Eloquens V2

September 20th, 2019

Officially the leading Marketplace for “Best Practices”.

Stay tuned for the Launch of our very own Product Page where you will be able to follow the development of the platform much more closely!

Should you have any questions on Eloquens.com you’re welcome to reach out to us via Private Message on our Eloquens Channel

–  Tim and the Eloquens Team

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