5 great infographics tools

Infographics have become a very trendy tool in recent times and they are mostly used for summarizing ideas and sharing them easily on the web. They can become viral quite easily. When they are well done they are engaging and entertaining, which are great qualities when you want to convey a message.

Here is a link to a beautiful infographics that demonstrates why infographics are so trendy. Source: neomam.com

Here is a link to a beautiful infographics that demonstrates why infographics are so trendy. Source: neomam.com

But like all new tools it’s important to use it in a constructive way rather than for mere novelty. On the other hand they can certainly be one way of demonstrating the of your savoir-faire in using new tools and ideas.

Where infographics can help your presentation is when you want to very simply summarize denser, more complex data in an immediately intelligible manner. This might be, for example, at the beginning of your presentation to ease your audience into a richer discussion of the data, or perhaps at the end to reinforce a key message.

Here are some of the most popular tools in no particular order:


infogramWhat we like about Infogr.am is that the learning curve is very short. You can get to grips with this very fast and be using it like a pro within minutes.

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easellyThe benefits of Easel.ly are similar to infogr.am. It offers an excellent interface which makes it ideal for amateurs or those looking to cut their teeth on the graphical representation of data.

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visuallyVisual.ly is not cheap, but they certainly offer a strong service package; from sourcing (obtaining information from various sources), storyboarding (basic story development) and distribution of the infographic.

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piktochartPiktochart offers a free plan, but for more advanced features you will have to pay. This is the benchmark for ease of use. All you have to do is drag and drop, and there you have it, dense data made snappy!

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createlyThe feature of Creately that we love is that you can have multiple users working on a project at once. We like the philosophy behind collaborative tools so this gets a big endorsement from us.

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