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So you may have noticed a new trend on Eloquens.com – Bundles.

A few early-adopting Authors have begun to combine their Best Practices into bespoke packages, specifically aligned to a certain purpose.

By offering a number of Best Practices in one package authors can revive the exposure of their already-published Best Practices. In addition, new Best Practices can be introduced to enhance the versatility of another Best Practices.

An example of this is Ben Murray’s Ultimate SaaS Model Package. Ben found Best Practices in his collections that, when combined, form a complete package that fulfils the needs of those wanting to educate themselves on SaaS Financial Models.

Gathering all of the financial modelling resources required to accomplish a task can be time-consuming and complicated. The bundles on Eloquens.com, made up of instantly downloadable ready-to-use Best Practices, allow the user to skip the task of digging around. Instead, those searching are presented with a number of complimentary Best Practices specifically assembled to help the user make strides towards attaining their goals.

Creating a bundle is simple. Whether you are a seasoned Author with Best Practices to choose from, or a first-time publisher, you can follow these steps:

Step One

Decide what the aim of the bundle is by looking at your current Best Practices – or by considering what you a capable of creating.

Are you providing KPI dashboards for all business units (The Ultimate Business KPI Dashboard Bundle)? Do you want to provide an all-encompassing bundle for building a startup ? (Full Startup Package)

Step Two

Decide how you are going to collate the Best Practices. You could:

1. Join individual documents as attachments to one draft.


2. Pre-assign them to a compressed zip folder and attach to the draft as ‘one attachment’.


Step Three

Publish and Promote – Sharing your bundle on social media is a great way to grow, not only your personal brand, but also your exposure on Eloquens.com.

BUNDLES: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE 👣 Capture d’écran 2018 12 12 à 14.17.16

Feel free to try this new feature out and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below!

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