New cloud-based, Big Data service

There’s been a lot of talk about Big Data, often in hushed tones. But all too often it has been impossible for smaller companies to use these tools.

For larger firms partnerships with companies like IBM have enabled them to take advantage of the possibilities of both of cloud services and Big Data.

infochimpsBut now, thanks to cloud-based Big Data service providers, smaller companies, like consulting firms, have the opportunity to benefit too.

Infochimps is a network of three main cloud-based data services.

  • One option is to use infochimps to stream data live as well as utilizing their ability to give you real time analytics. This option is called Cloud Streams
  • A second option, called Cloud Queries, enables you to search queries through an enormous database without the frustrations of large-scale database administration and data management.
  • Cloud Hadoop, the third option, lets you scale up to meet any data processing demand through superior elasticity. With this tool you can be more efficient with your resources, while still having quick access to HDFS data, with instantly elastic and high performing clusters

cloud infochimp_mini

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