Inspirational Blogs: Getting To Grips With Big Data

Normally when we do a post about our favorite bloggers we focus on one blog and why you should consider adding it to your reading list. This week we’re doing something a little different. Today we will be mentioning several blogs, and our focus will be on a single topic instead: Big Data.Big Data is a huge topic. It’s a topic that touches on many other subjects like competitive intelligence or business intelligence. This is why we’ve chosen to recommend several relevant blogs today, because the diversity of the subject needs to be given due respect. On top of that, we’ve layered our suggestions depending on your familiarity with the subject with recommendations for every level of interest.

Dipping your toes: Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is curated by Tech Republic and promises to ‘offers best practices and tips for companies looking to extract insight from internal data, plus today’s most useful data from across the Internet’. It is a fantastic jumping off point if you’re looking to find out how big data could impact your business, or how you could leverage statistics to get a lead on your rivals.

This blog is easy to get your teeth into and it is not heavy on technical detail so this is where we recommend you start if you are only just getting started or you just need a quick overview of the field.

Seeking inspiration: Harish Kotadia

Harish has been in the business of Big Data for around 20 years. He writes on the whole gamut of Big Data topics, but with a special focus on how Big Data can be leveraged for marketing. We particularly liked one of his most recent posts about why Big Data projects commonly fail.

Mr Kotadia’s blog is full of actionable insights and inspirational advice.

Accessible math: Edwin Chen

Chen writes on the topic of machine learning and algorithms. This may not be for you, but for many of us these subjects are increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives and getting more and more interest. Chen may have a background that includes MIT, but he writes in a clear, engaging and accessible fashion which ought to enable anyone with enough curiosity to sink their teeth into some of the slightly meatier issues surrounding Big Data.

If you have a website, a booking process or a search function, you may find that Chen has some very cogent advice for you!

We hope you’ve found these suggestions helpful. If you have your own favorite, trusted sources of information on this topic do let us know via Twitter.

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