Help individuals and businesses manage inflation effectively!

2022 has seen the highest inflation rates in both the US and Euro area since the 1980’s. Rising prices have hit the economy hard and with inflation rising so drastically, individuals and companies have struggled to adapt.

Just take a look at this graphic below👇

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Until significant cooling occurs, many people will remain anxious about the rising cost of living and are forced to adapt spending habits, savings, and much more. Therefore, companies remain sceptical about their financial future… 👀

Governments and Central Banks such as the Federal reserve (Fed), the European Central Bank (ECB), and the Bank of England (BOE) have reacted by hiking interest rates to levels last seen during the 2007-08 world financial crisis. Of course, the effects of inflation and subsequent rate hikes have significantly affected other macro factors most notably tanking GDP growth rates.

At Eloquens, the leading community of Best Practicing experts, we believe it is our collective responsibility to contribute. With that, we have been pushing for our esteemed authors to publish “Inflation” Best Practices to help individuals and small businesses manage rising prices effectively. 📈

To promote this further, we have also created an Inflation Category acting as a centralised location where all of our authors’ Inflation best practices will be available to download. 🔑  ▶

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◀ We have been reaching out directly to our wide community of experts with invites to share their expertise and help those in need. We will also heavily promote 📣 Inflation related Best Practices on the platform & on social media to assure their visibility and increase their positive impact.


Authors, how can you contribute? 🆘


  • Publishing adapted versions of your existing Best Practices with inflationary pressure in mind,📝
  • Or publishing new Best Practices on Inflation.💡

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of potential themes that could be covered! 👇

New "Inflation" Category Live! Eloqoon SuperMan Day
  • Adapted financial models to inflationary pressures
  • Inflation Calculators
  • Leadership & Management in cost of living crisis
  • Adapted financial forecasts
  • Global Business strategy changes
  • New business plan including macroeconomic effects (unemployment changes, GDP growth, changes to fiscal or monetary policy etc…)
  • Increased borrowing rates limiting investment
  • Euro/Dollar relationship (current and futures)
  • Economic reactions including FED/ECB rate hikes

Users, don’t think we have forgotten about you! 😉

Consider looking into the new “Inflation” best practices to implement into your personal or business life. With our wide range of esteemed authors the topics range from Personal Finance to Adaptable Financial Models to Leadership Management, and so much more…

Millions of businesses across the world need your support, now more than ever!

Share your know-how and help them survive during this critical period.

Examples of Inflation Best Practices

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