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Happy #CivilAviationDay from the Eloquens team!

Curious in aviation? Interested in knowing how to start an airline? has a How-To Best Practices to help your business take off.


Civil Aviation embodies the inter-connected society that we live in today. It brings people together from every corner of the world. At Eloquens, we are motivated by the concept of interconnectivity – we have a truly international community of authors and users sharing and gaining know-how.

But what is Civil Aviation Day?

Adopted on December 7th 1996 by the United Nations, Civil Aviation Day was originally marked by the International Civil Aviation Organization celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The day commends not only aviation as an industry, but the global benefits that are produced. Bringing socio-economic benefits to previously unconnected states, international air travel bears great importance in modern-day life.

From Beechcraft to Boeing, commercial to private, Civil Aviation day highlights the role that all play in aviation.

If you’re interested in the aviation industry, and want to know how to build a startup airline, take a look at Mahender Punhani’s Start-up Airlines Proforma Excel Model Template. It offers a detailed pro-forma template tailored to commercial aviation.

If you are looking for Best Practices on more general issues, Eloquens is the platform to help you. With categories ranging from Finance to Human Resources, there is a Best Practice to help your business take-off today.


Find out more about the day on the UN website.

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