The Top 3 Strategy Authors on Eloquens Compared.

Following on in the metaphorical footsteps of our financial section on, our strategy section is growing at an extortionate rate and now contains over 70 exciting and informative subcategories. As it is becoming more and more competitive to become an eloquens strategy author, we thought it necessary to discuss the similarities and differences between Eloquens’ three largest strategy authors: Strategy Punk, WMI Consulting, and Timothée Demoures.

Each channel provides a different take on a similar subject matter, and we believe that all provide an important and insightful take on strategy. So, what are their similarities and differences? If you’re wondering which channel would be the best fit for you and your company, look no further! Here we will outline the resources that each channel provides and how they engage with their user.

The Strategy Punk Channel

Firstly, the Strategy Punk channel contains 24 Best Practices, that together span 35 different sub-categories under the eloquens umbrella. The most common category within this is Strategy itself, however Strategy Punk has also written published content on financial and marketing content as well. The Strategy Punk channel is almost exclusively focused on providing clear, downloadable Best Practices for a lower price range. Strategy Punk prices most of their Best Practices for free, with a few priced ones available for under $10 each. This means that Strategy Punk is a good option for a wide range of individuals as it suits those with lower budgets, as well as providing templates that are detailed enough for those who are willing to pay a greater amount too. The channel provides highly usable but also detailed methodologies that can be easily applied within a corporate context.

If you’re interested, linked below are some of the top Best Practices by Strategy Punk:

–> Essential Strategy Tools (including SWOT analysis, Value Analysis and the Three Horizons framework)

–> Ansoff Growth Matrix Powerpoint Template

The WMI Consulting Channel

WMI Consulting provides a larger number of Best Practices (34 in total), however over a narrower range of subjects, with Best Practices covering only 17 subject areas. Additionally, the channel places a greater focus on strategy, involving a larger number of Best Practices on areas relating to consulting, strategy, benchmarking and competitor analysis. In comparison to Strategy Punk’s channel which provides Best practices relating more to IB and Consumer behaviour theories, WMI provides a greater range of graphical and numerical content in relation to its competitors. WMI does however operate on a similar price range to Strategy Punk, providing all its Best Practices for $10 or under, as well as a number of free resources too.

As with Strategy Punk, linked below are a few WMI Best Practices:

–> Compared features of Competition

–> Acquisition Synergies

The Tim Demoures Channel

In addition to these two channels, Tim Demoures also provides a large number of effective and means demonstrated Best Practices. In fact, Tim provides a truly extensive range with 77 best practices that span over almost 80 eloquens categories. His channel is pretty much entirely focused on strategy, marketing and entrepreneurship – providing detailed diagrams and spreadsheets on key topics such as Industry Landscape Analysis, strategic planning and McKinsey and BCG frameworks. Like WMI, Tim provides a range of graphical and more analytical content, but with fewer numbers. As similar to that of the Strategy Punk Channel, the channel provides a conclusive overview that is able to be adapted later to a specific situation, rather than being directly adapted in the first place. Again, the Tim Demoures Channel provides a wide range of free best practices, and has many of their priced products at a price point of under $10. In addition to this however, the channel does provide Best Practices that are also at a more expensive price point that are more complex.

Linked below are some useful Best Practices from this channel:

–> Activity Strategic Positioning Matrix

–> M&A Buy-Side Target Screening Matrix

In conclusion

To conclude, evidently each channel provides an important and unique insight into the world of consulting, and to each element under each topic. However, although all of these channels focus on the same overall topic, they each provide very different and valuable content with insight as consultants. 

The main point of difference is between Strategy Punk and WMI consulting, since Strategy Punk provides a theory heavy approach that is general and adaptable to many different situations, whereas WMI consulting provides a more direct and numerical approach. Tim Demoures provides a large range of products, and therefore creating a middle way between Strategy Punk and WMI.

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