The Eloquens Author On-boarding Consultation

Discover the on-boarding process for Eloquens authors

Curious about what the author on-boarding consultation entails? We’ve created a short video, explaining the step-by-step process that Eloquens authors go through in order to help kick-start their channel.

So what will you learn from the call and how will you benefit from it?

Firstly, we want to know more about you. By telling us about your past experience and your areas of expertise, we can start to get an idea of the best strategy for you to employ.

We also want to know the motives for starting your channel – do you want to improve your professional reputation and experience, increase your audience and visibility, start generating a passive revenue stream, or all 3?

Secondly, we want to know what you already have that you can upload to your channel. Do you have financial models? KPI dashboards? Business plan templates? Or something else entirely…

We’ll then show you how to create your channel, how to upload your first Best Practices and how to ensure it looks professional and reliable.

Additionally, you’ll receive some guidance and top tips for driving traffic to your channel, for how to gain your first sales and downloads, and how to get the first 5-star ratings to follow.

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