Case Study – Eloquens Author Professor Aswath Damodaran

Discover Professor Aswath Damodaran’s Eloquens Author Channel with our new case study video.

With a wealth of knowledge in the academic world, there is great potential for the sharing of knowledge. However, the link between the academic sphere and those outside is not as efficient as it could be.

At Eloquens, we help to make the know-how of educators accessible to all. Our ever-expanding community of users on provides an instant global audience for those wanting to centralise their best work and distribute their expertise to a wider audience. That’s why we, at Eloquens, encourage both users and authors alike, to join our platform and benefit from the site.

Professor Damodoran, by joining Eloquens, is helping to prevent hundreds of students and professionals from reinventing the wheel, by providing an array of ready-to-use Best Practices for a range of purposes.

Professor at Stern Business School at New York University, Damodaran is a highly regarded scholar in corporate finance and investment banking, amongst others fields.

He’s an accomplished author, with over 10 published books, such as ‘Damodaran on Valuation’ and ‘Investment Philosophies’ and contributes to a wealth of papers and blogs.

The level of expertise that the Professor holds has not gone unnoticed. He has previously won both the Rosenthal Prize for Innovation in Investment Management and Corporate Finance, and the Hebert Simon Award.

By being an author on Eloquens, Damodaran benefits from a range of things.

1/ Firstly, Eloquens allows him to strengthen his personal brand and reputation even further.

2/ Secondly, it allows him to centralize best work to extend his educational impact beyond the classroom to the global audience that Eloquens provides

3/ Lastly, the platform provides a way of interacting with users, where he is able to communicate with problems people may have and receive feedback for his work.

On, Professor Damodaran shares a number Best Practices, ranging from LBO models, to DCF models, to videos on Interest Rates and Stock Prices.

To join Professor Aswath Damodaran in opening an author account on, simply go to and click on ‘Publish a Best Practices.’

The step-by-step process is very simple; you’ll have your first Best Practices published and distributed on the marketplace in no time!


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