Earn an Interest on your Intellectual Assets

Creating once for many – Daniel Jeffrey (Vice President and General Manager, Marketing Strategy & Content – Global Commercial Services at American Express)

That’s the idea that sits at the heart of Eloquens. We think that everyone can capitalise on the experience they accumulate throughout their professional life with a whole host of benefits. In fact, we believe that people should share the Know How they amass. Then they can help others find solutions to their business issues or help them with common issues they may face in their careers.

Why keep important tricks and tips to ourselves instead of allowing others to access them? A Best Practice could even be something you believe to be common sense or self-explanatory but is revolutionary for others in the same industry as you.

We want to help people find solutions, for example in their business ventures, so we encourage reusing and recycling knowledge – that’s where our motto ‘Don’t Reinvent the Wheel’ comes from. So why not get started and publish content taken from your working experience?

How to earn interest and an interest on your intellectual assets

There are heaps of different benefits that come from publishing your Best Practices on Eloquens– you can earn both monetary and intellectual interest.

Firstly, publishing content is a great way to generate some passive revenue. By monetising access to your Best Practices, users can pay to see the full resource and you can make money on the side – what’s not to like?

Having an active author account on Eloquens is also great for increasing your brand visibility. Regardless of whether you’re an independent consultant or an established business, having your name associated with the content you’re putting out can only be a good thing. It can give insights into what your specialities are, serve as a credit to your expertise and help you get your name out there to our community of 200,000 users.

Once people start downloading your content, the benefits don’t stop either. The private messaging function means you can start insightful conversations with users who have accessed your content as well as other authors on the website. The handy new notifications feature will also help you keep track of people interacting with your Best Practices.

The idea that sits at the heart of Eloquens is that of sharing of knowledge with others. Publishing your Best Practices means you can make your expertise available to others with similar interests or looking for solutions that you can provide.

Functions like the feedback tool mean users can start productive conversations about the content on the site and you can benefit from this inordinately. Not forgetting the added bonus that you will earn money when your work is downloaded!

Putting together Best Practices ready for publishing will also help you identify what you’re good at and improve the areas where you may be unsure.

Putting together Best Practices is even a Best Practice in itself. By actively thinking about your strengths and ideas you have, it will become easier to identify what you’re good at in your working career. Maybe you’re really good at planning strategies from a business’ inception to its end goal; maybe you’re great at designing certain types of financial models.

Focussing on and highlighting your areas of expertise will always be useful – for example when you’re going for an interview and asked to explain why you should be hired or if you’re trying to convince someone to take you on as a consultant. In fact, many of our authors find that publishing on their Eloquens Channel pushes the to continue to look out for and build better Best Practices, which means they can grow their expertise even further. And in the working world, extra experience never goes amiss!

We visualise our end goal as a sort of Library of Alexandria of Best Practices and Know How that people actively enjoy contributing to. And with everyone adding their own knowledge, we can pool together resources that can help us all tackle and overcome all the challenges we face in our businesses and professional working lives!

How to identify a Best Practice

So, what constitutes a Best Practices and how can you share this with others? We all have assets in the form of Know How we have accumulated throughout our lives.

This can take a huge variety of forms, for example a Best Practice may be Marketing and Branding ideas, lessons learned from launching a start-up, or even experience from your time at university to fit in our brand-new student category.

Identifying a Best Practice is simple! Consider: are you an expert in a specific area of knowledge? Have you developed any tips or tricks that can be incorporated into everyday working life? Have you created a model or template that others could adapt for their own use? All of these would be perfect for publishing on Eloquens and could be vitally helpful for other professionals in business. In fact, often many types of pre-existing content can be easily adapted to be ripe for publishing.

You can find a more detailed explanation of how to identify a Best Practice from your professional experience here.

To conclude…

We want to make Best Practices more readily available, and you have the knowledge we need. Why not look into publishing your first Best Practice here.

Don’t forget the benefits you can get! You can make some passive revenue – some authors make more than 1,000 USD every month – and start productive conversations revolving around your interests among a whole other range of advantages.

Time to get out there and get publishing!

Discover how you can get started…

Interested? Check out a few examples of Best Practices on Eloquens.com below

Soraya Asif

Author Acquisition Officer

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