Sharpening your Intellectual Curiosity.

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Sharpening your Intellectual Curiosity.

Although our Eloquens authors come from such a diverse range of backgrounds and from many different areas of the world, a thirst for knowledge is seemingly a binding characteristic between them.

However, since intellectual curiosity is more of an arbitrary concept than a concrete entity, there are occasions where we as humans struggle to remain curious. Although, for these times we can put in measures to increase our curiosity.

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Therefore, outlined here are a few ways to sharpen your intellectual curiosity:

  1. Firstly, there are the classical ways of heightening curiosity. For instance, a great way of regaining your intellectual inspiration could be reading a book or attending a debate or lecture. Doing research prior to beginning with these methods is key, as the trial and error that research permits will allow you to see if it might be an area of inspiration, or if another area might craft more inspiration.
  1. However, perhaps a more efficient way of grasping information is utilising technology to your benefit. These practices can include video and audio content such as YouTube videos, Podcasts, engaging with online courses on platforms like Coursera and Masterclass as well as creating and downloading content from

It is important to emphasise that creating content as a means to sharpen intellectual curiosity is perhaps a more beneficial way of doing so than consuming and downloading content is. When we create content, we force ourselves to learn far more about a topic than what we would have learnt if we had simply read about it. For instance, if you were to write about something you would have to know the context surrounding the situation in addition to the actual context that you would be metaphorically writing about in order to write an article that makes sense and provides value to the consumer of the content.

Producing work on a topic you know little about is the most effective way of learning about that subject. It requires one to fully immerse themselves in the subject matter, therefore giving them a holistic understanding of the topic. Even for our Authors, who are experts on their subject area, providing content allows them to dive deeper into their matter and allows them to learn far more than if they hadn’t put pen to paper. Knowledge is very much infinite in nature, and it is truly undeniable that the more you know on a topic, the more you realise how much you are unaware of, and how much more you are able to learn. And therefore, with this realisation, your thirst will grow more and more over time.

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