Founder and president of Optimus Performance, Stephen Goldberg is a top-tier consultant and coach for business leaders and managers. With over 20 years of training and development experience, Stephen has the know-how and passion to help you realise your full potential.

By joining as an author, Stephen aims to:

  • Generate a passive revenue stream on his premium content through the monetisation of some of his best methods and frameworks. 
  • Expand his brand through the increased visibility that Eloquens brings.
  • Get to know his audience individually in order to create deeper relationships.
  • Centralise all his ready-to-use Best Practices on a single platform, aiding the user experience.

With a wealth of accessible Best Practices available on, Stephen offers crucial knowledge to help you further your skills whether that be in business, or general life. He shares important HR Best Practices relating to the recruitment process, employee motivation, and annual performance reviews. Additionally, he provides coaching on key attributes such as leadership and management, to help your personal growth and progress in the workplace.

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