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Although enough food is produced to feed the whole world, 815 million people still suffer from hunger – it is vital that the food industry becomes more efficient.

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On October 16th every year, the world celebrates ‘World Food Day’, in commemoration of the foundation of the Food and Agriculture Organization in 1945.

Part of the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization serves both more developed and less developed countries aiming to stop hunger. World Food Day is one of the most popular days in the UN calendar, with people from more than 150 countries coming together to celebrate it. It is an important day in the fight for ensuring that food is a basic human right for all, whilst also encouraging the sustainable consumption of food and food system production.

Running a restaurant, or another business in the food industry, means having a responsibility towards sustainable food consumption and waste. With one third of all produced food either lost or wasted, it is essential to plan and budget effectively to help reduce this statistic.

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To find out more about World Food Day and what you can do to help solve the food crisis, please visit these links:

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