DISCOVER SOMEKA - Best Practices Expert Author Somekatiny

Providing high quality, yet easy to use, Best Practices Someka is a well-established team of Excel experts and enthusiasts based in Turkey. Although new to, they have a range of valuable Best Practices to help your business or project run more effectively. Someka is a reputable author, having received numerous awards, including ‘National Winner at the Microsoft Excel World Championship’ amongst others.

By being an author on Eloquens, they are aiming to:

  • Expand their visibility online
  • Create a passive income stream
  • Offer complimentary, ready-to-use Best Practices for the rapidly growing community of Eloquens users.

Someka has a broad depth and variety of Best Practices, ranging from financial models, to Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, to Heat Maps. This array of top-tier Best Practices will increase efficiency for those who use them; whether you need help with financial modeling, budgeting, sophisticated visual presentation of your datasets, or managing your business activity.

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