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Hints: getting the most out of Google search

Google is doing a brilliant job coming up with answers for our everyday life. In an professional context we might need to be a bit more demanding. There are several ways in which you can obtain more precise search results. Here are a few hints and tips that can help improve the amount of value you get from Google. Read more

Useful Data Sources for Germany

Do you need German business data for your project or presentation? Here we outline three key sources which we believe may be a great starting place for you. Germany’s data is of real importance. It is as the world’s fourth largest economy and the biggest component of the world’s largest economic bloc, the European Union. We’ve chosen these three sources for their outstanding record of credibility. German government sources can be implicitly relied on. They also have a good range of topics from economic indicators to demographics.

De Statis is the primary source for German statistics. It is a neutral service provider for the Federal German Government. If you’re looking for financial statistics like Production figures or Health Spending then this is a great place to start. It also deals with political and transport data.

 Bund is a very useful portal for statistics websites about Germany with links to the official websites for trade and the economy, political administration and education.

 The Bundesbank’s statistics website is rich in economic and financial data.


This list is intended as a way of getting your feet wet, so to speak. If you have other data sources which you use and trust we’d love to continue the coversation through our comment section.

Core Data Sources for Brazil

If you’re looking for data about Brazil’s economy and business it may not obvious where to start. Here we outline two good starting points for your search. Brazil is the world’s seventh largest economy and with a burgeoning middle class it has a lot to be excited about. As a BRIC country and a country that is still developing at quite a rapid pace, it is to be expected that the data available for Brazil might be less rich than for countries such as the US. However, there are some strong sources. We’ve chosen these two sources because they have an excellent range and breadth of data as well as strong credibility.

The Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia is a great source for Brazilian data. This covers a range of data-types from the economy, to geoscience to demographics. It is a governmental source and so is a strong official source of data.

The World Bank also has some excellent resources for Brazil with a large array of downloadable time series from their databank. The World Bank is a very well-known organization and will lend your presentation credibility.

It’s not easy to find great sources on Brazil, so if you have suggestions please do share them with us through our comment space.

Why Good Sourcing is essential

Build your work on solid ground

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