The Eloquens User Journey

Demand is high for ready-to-use Best Practices. Here’s how people discover those published online by Eloquens Authors.

Discover the typical user journey for downloading valuable know-how, in the form of Best Practices, that is found on

1,000+ professionals sign-up every week on to download and purchase ready-to-use Best Practices in Finance, Strategy, Startups, Marketing, HR, Leadership & Technology. 🚀

Demand for accessible ready-to-use Best Practices online is getting stronger every day.

Professionals don’t want to reinvent the wheel. They want to reach their objective 🎯 by getting inspiration from the best of what’s already been done in a similar situation. As you know, at we want to make know-how a common good.

The video takes you through the steps that you, or one of your users, goes through when acquiring a Best Practice

It explains the process in order to help you better understand why certain steps are in place, and how you can contribute to the high levels of interaction that our community displays.

For authors, you are able to gain valuable insight into the steps that your user takes when downloading your Best Practice, whilst also receiving tips on how to better cater to the user’s needs.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Private Message in the Eloquens Team Channel.

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