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Timothée Demoures & the new heavy weight champion of the customer acquisition arena

– Bits of wisdom from the Managing Director –

Managing a start-up is a human journey, where personal values and creativity are interwoven with a great deal of sensible choices.

In many respects, it resembles life-defining experiences such as parenting. Setting long-term objectives and patiently working towards them, getting through little daily challenges, and ultimately, transferring your own values onto another individual.

In other aspects, it requires the same skills involved in a rugby match. Operating in a team with a common vision establishes mutual trust and admiration that are key in achieving the end-goal.

The 90×9 Podcast constantly strives to educate and shape an audience of up-and-coming entrepreneurs through inspiring conversations and insightful advice. In this episode, Adi Soozin, growth executive at the Million Dollar Pineapple, has interviewed Tim Demoures, Managing Director at

Listen to Tim’s story to learn about his adventure at Eloquens as a young entrepreneur who has made it: https://90× In this podcast, he shares:

  • The crucial questions he asked himself when he first joined Eloquens;
  • A few surprising lessons that he learnt when he took over the team;
  • How he motivates the team throughout the highs and lows of the start-up journey;
  • What obstacles he was surprised to face in the earliest stage of Eloquens;
  • A few bits of wisdom on how to manage funding.
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