Release of Eloquens Followers Feature are proud to announce yet another new feature for the site – Followers.

As a result of an increasing demand from users for direct updates from their favourite authors, we’ve decided to launch ‘followers’.

This is a feature that allows users to find and follow specific authors and receive email notifications on their new tool publications and updates.

With hundreds of authors and thousands of tools on the site, this feature will help users tailor tools to their interests and needs and send them directly to them upon release.

For authors, this is fantastic new update which will allow you to strengthen your followers fan base over time and enhance your reputation in your field of expertise.

Users can follow authors on their Channel, when accessing a tool or directly on a tool page, and manage their subscriptions from a dedicated page.

For authors, you have access to your list of followers in a dedicated page and have the option to invite your network via email (colleagues, clients friends…). This will enable you to immediately start to grow the number of your followers with your natural audience and create your own community of engaged users around your publications.

Here at, we aim to make the sharing of know-how more efficient. Despite the high demand for knowledge-building and time-saving purposes, many smart models, methods, and templates, which are being created everyday, are left unshared. By implementing this followers feature, authors who have created useful tools, are able to instantly unleash their smart content to the right people like never before.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and the increased autonomy that it will bring to your tool publication strategy and community management.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Private Message in the Eloquens Team Channel. See you soon on!

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